Keboda has a number of R&D institutions such as Automotive Electronics R&D Center, Electromechanical R&D Center, and German Technology Center. It has a research and development team consisting of doctors, masters and experienced engineers. Its technical capabilities cover system design, hardware, software, machinery, simulation, process and equipment development and other fields, with software and hardware simulation, EMC simulation, thermal simulation, finite element analysis, HIL test and other design and development capabilities.

With the world's advanced product development platform and project management tools, Keboda is the first in China's local enterprises to adopt the world's advanced AUTOSAR software, with SPICE second-level software development and project management capabilities, fully integrated with European and American high-end customers' technology development platform. It has successively obtained several global projects for international mainstream automobiles OEMs such as Audi, Daimler, Porsche and Chrysler, and successfully developed and supplied to their global markets.

Keboda has advanced research and development laboratories, reliability laboratories, and EMC laboratories, which have internationally advanced product development and verification capabilities. Keboda has invested and built an EMC laboratory with international standard for electronic products, and has passed the national CNAS qualification certification, as well as being recognized by high-end customers such as Volkswagen, Daimler and others. The company's electromagnetic interference testing methods have reached the international advanced level.

The company currently has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and is applying to build a national-level enterprise technology center.

With complete independent intellectual property rights, it has obtained nearly 200 patents, registered dozens of software copyrights, formulated and issued a number of national industry standards, and many products won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards.